The Pana City Council voted to establish a Class “P” liquor license which will be for establishments which derive its main income from video gaming machines.

Tom Latonis Breeze-Courier Writer

(PANA) — Without debate and no opposition, the Pana City Council voted to establish a Class “P” liquor license which will be for establishments which derive its main income from video gaming machines. The action came during the Pana City Council meeting on Monday night in the Council Chambers of Pana City Hall.

Cost of the license will be $5,000.

Currently, the highest liquor license fees for establish with gaming machines is $650 for convince stores. The vote was 7-0 to approve.

Three establishments – two of them on Poplar St. – Pana Gaming (in the former Harper’s gas station) and the yet-to-open Roasted Bean at Washington and Poplar and the Lucky Jackpot on the east side of town on Jackson St. – are the only places where such a license would be appropriate. Those already open will have to renew their license as Class “P.”

Currently, the two businesses in operation have Class “A-1” licenses with a yearly fee of $800. The new $5,000 fee is an increase of 625% over the old amount.

First reading of an ordinance to add recreational vehicles to the Pana Motor Vehicle Code was approved. Final presentation will come at the next meeting.

Also given preliminary approval was an ordinance for intergovernmental agreements to participate in the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System. It allows emergency series to be shared between other local municipalities. It is an update to the current ordinance.

There was a resolution approving a letter of understanding between the city and Work Shop Market, Inc, of San Diego, Calif., for development of several properties on the south side of the 100 block of East Second St. The agreement calls for plans to be submitted to the Council for approval before construction; the issuance of building permits before work begins; an estimate and plans for roof repairs and masonry work to be done on several buildings within 120 days; and the transfer of property to Work Shop Market to be completed on Mar. 17, 2023.

The company plans to rehabilitate the former music store and George’s Candy Shop and the vacant lots where Bob’s Steak House used to stand and an empty lot off Locust St. south of the former George’s.

Facade improvement grants from the city’s TIF Fund were approved to eight organizations. There were a total of 31 applications filed. Most of the work will involve tuck-pointing, painting and lighting. The grants will go to Dr. Joe Marcin, Knights of Columbus, Hair Razors, Sparrow Bicycle, Cutz and Curlz, Creatureplica, BW Rental and Southern Illinois Mission.

The Council approved the Mayor Nathan Pastor’s appointment of Mike Suter, Third Ward and Cheryl Swenny, Fourth Ward to the Pana Planning and Zoning Commission.

Addressing the Council during the public portion of the session, Lawrence Scoles of the 500 block of Elizabeth St. asked members to reconsider the ban on chickens inside the city limits. He said he has been recently served with an ordinance violation for having chickens on his property. He said his choice was to pay the fine or get rid of the chickens.

The chickens are important to him since he and his wife have eight children between them and the eggs are part of their diet. Scores said they do not have any roosters and their property sits at the end of the city limits on Elizabeth.

He implored the Council to rethink the ordinance. Mayor Pastor said the idea of updating the ordinance has been talked about in committee and he would also discuss the situation with City Ordinance Officer Justin Dudra who issued the citation.

At 7:19 p.m., the Council entered into executive session to discuss purchase of property. City Engineer Greg Holthaus and City Development Director Kirby Casner were invited to join the session at 7:26 p.m. The session ended at 8:02 p.m. with the announcement no action was taken.

The meeting adjourned immediately following the executive session. Next meeting of the Pana City Council is Monday, Apr. 10, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Pana City Hall, 120 E. Third St.

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March 28, 2023 at 11:42AM

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