The SMSIL includes people just like you – owners and operators of Illinois restaurants and bars, as well as Video Gaming equipment manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and terminal operators with a vested interest in the future of this revenue generating industry 

Our team and members are committed to promoting the video gaming industry to protect and ensure success for everyone involved.

Threats and challenges face this industry every day and the SMSIL was created and continues to exist to push back and stand up for the tens of thousands of men and women whose livelihoods depend on this industry. 

The work of the Support Main Street Coalition generates a PROFIT for YOU. VG revenues in September 2020 were 22% HIGHER than in September 2019. 
Become a MEMBER and help us KEEP it GOING!


Benefits to the industry from SMSIL efforts:

  •  Successfully fought to keep VG tax increase LOW (3% – 4% versus 38%)
  • Delivered VG enhancements: $4 wager limit, $1,199 payout & $10,000 jackpot
  • And MOST IMPORTANT…. the 6th VGT!  

SMSIL promises to advocate for You!

  • Fair tax structures for the industry.
  • Fight for “How THINGS USED TO BE” – permanently re-establish the pre-COVID-19 arrangements for paying local VG fees.
  • Fight threats from Local Governments – push back against tax increases like the “Push Tax” which would result in a 35-45% tax increase above current levels.
  • Fight to KEEP ILLINOIS OPEN – remain on the front lines promoting the state’s safety guidelines keeping VG operational despite mitigation efforts in select regions throughout the state.
  • To Inform: Legislators listen when they are informed by local business owners
  • To Mobilize: There is power in numbers; more advocates equal more attention paid to our concerns
  • To Address Potential Threats: Without the backing of a coalition, we will not have the resources to address threats from Springfield which could have a significant impact in your business:
  • Tax and Fee Increases
  • Video Surveillance for Age Control
  • Expansion for Other Forms of Gaming (Casinos, Horse Race Tracks)
  • Location Restrictions
As a member of the Coalition, we will encourage you to get involved!

  • Write letters and make phone calls
  • Get to know your policymakers
  • Watch agendas for state and local action
  • Mobilize for success – help us get people to meetings to advocate for the industry!