The Support Main Street Illinois Coalition is dedicated to the success of video gaming in the state of Illinois. Our members include Terminal Operators, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, Owners of Licensed Beverage establishments and anyone else who has a vested interest in the future of this revenue generating industry.
The Illinois video gaming industry depends on us to be the force behind the Video Gaming Act — to lead the fight in Springfield for increased industry opportunities and against harmful proposed legislation, and to overall be prepared to fight pending threats against the industry.

As the driving force behind Illinois Video Gaming, we have already been successful in a number of areas, including the passing of the Illinois Video Gaming Act and defending lawsuits that could have potentially decimated the industry.

  • To Inform: Legislators listen when they are informed by local business owners
  • To Mobilize: There is power in numbers; more advocates equal more attention paid to our concerns
  • To Address Potential Threats: Without the backing of a coalition, we will not have the resources to address threats from Springfield which could have a significant impact in your business:
  • Tax and Fee Increases
  • Video Surveillance for Age Control
  • Expansion for Other Forms of Gaming (Casinos, Horse Race Tracks)
  • Location Restrictions
As a member of the Coalition, we will encourage you to get involved!

  • Write letters and make phone calls
  • Get to know your policymakers
  • Watch agendas for state and local action
  • Mobilize for success – help us get people to meetings to advocate for the industry!

Your Support is Needed Now More than Ever!

Sports Betting will likely be coming to Illinois in the very near future. Learn how you can help ensure that you are not left out of this initiative!

Grow and Protect Your Video Gaming Revenues!

Generate More Money for Everyone!

By joining the Support Main Street Illinois Coalition, you will be supporting local and statewide efforts toward reshaping how policymakers, media and consumers view the contributions that gaming makes to both the state and your local economy!