Centralia City Manager Scott Randall. Photo by Bruce Kropp.


The Centralia City Council is moving forward with engineering work on a sanitary sewer line extension and improvements to several streets. City Manager Scott Randall requested a resolution be approved with Gonzalez Companies, LLC to perform engineering design and surveying services for the Meadow Lane Sanitary Sewer Extension.

“During the budget review we talked about doing a new sewer lift station.  Since that point in time Public Works has come up with a mechanism where we think we can do a gravity flow.  This is a proposal to hire Gonzalez to do both the design and construction supervision.  This will be expanding our sewer capacity in the vicinity of Castle Ridge and will also accommodate their expected expansions.”

Randall says the work would also allow the existing sewer lift station on Meadow Lane to be abandoned. The initial engineering service fee is $21,600 with construction phase costs to be paid on a time and material basis at the engineer’s hourly rate.

The city council Monday night also moved forward on several street overlay projects being planned for this summer. The work will be on South Sycamore from East 2nd to East 7th, South Pine for East Third to East 7th, East 7th from South Elm to South Pine and East 5th from South Pine to Cedar Street. It also includes sidewalk ramp improvements and other miscellaneous work to complete the project to meet ADA ramp standards.

Resolutions were approved for $640,000 in motor fuel tax funds to be set aside for the asphalt overlay and with Gonzalez Companies to perform the design  engineering and construction engineering services.

The council agreed to raise the video gaming terminal fee from $25 to $250 for for-profit businesses and $125 for fraternal organizations and veteran organizations. The state recently approved increasing the maximum fee cities can charge for video gaming terminals to $250.

Centralia Fire Chief John Lynch and Police Chief Greg Dodson will now remain in their positions until other action is taken by the city. Randall saw no need to continue entering new contracts every two years.

No action was taken on proposed liquor license changes until Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Bryan Kuder returns. Mayor Pro Tem Spanky Smith was also absent Monday night, with Councilman Rob Jackson presiding over the meeting.

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January 11, 2022 at 08:40AM