Why should I join the coalition?
The threats our industry faces in the coming years are very real. The more members we have, the stronger our voice will be for video gaming in Illinois.
Are my membership fees tax deductible?
No. According to the IRS, you cannot deduct any of the portions of dues from a trade organization, Chamber of Commerce, or union or coalition that go toward lobbying or political activities
Can we host a Coalition Outreach Meeting in our community?
Possibly, please submit your request to and we will research the feasibility of hosting an event in your municipality.
I have been invited to speak to our city council about video gaming. Can you help?
Definitely! Check out the Tools provided just for this purpose in the Members Only section of this site.
I am not sure who to vote for in the upcoming election, any insight on which candidates are in our corner?
You may contact our PR Consultant, Ryan Keith at
I keep hearing about SB 209. What is it?

The short answer? It is the Illinois Video Gaming Act. The long answer? Check out the link below:

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?
Send all inquiries to and we will get them to the correct person.
Illinois Alliance on Problem Gambling:

Illinois Gaming Board:

Illinois General Assembly:

Illinois Liquor Control Commission: