DECATUR — A total of $9.9 million was put into Decatur’s 403 video gaming terminals in December, with payouts totaling $7.4 million, data from the Illinois Gaming Board shows.

The state’s share for the month was $648,214; the city made $129,642. ​

Eighty-three businesses have video gaming.

Profits are divided according to a formula. What is gambled minus what is paid out is known as the net terminal income. For each establishment, the state collects a 30 percent tax on that amount, with 25 percent going to the state and the remaining 5 percent given to the city. The remaining 70 percent is split between the businesses that host the gambling and the machine operators.

The Illinois General Assembly legalized the games in the Video Gaming Act of 2009. The first state-approved terminal went online in September 2012.