LEMONT, IL — Video gaming has been a much debated topic since the Video Gaming Act was passed in Illinois in 2009. There are thousands of video gaming terminals across the state, and there are 107 terminals in Lemont alone.

The most recent revenue data from the Illinois Gaming Board is from November. According to the gaming board, from January to November, $59,111,263.18 was the amount “played” or gambled in Lemont. However, the total amount of funds in, or the money people actually put in the machines, was $18,638,096.

Overall, the terminals had a net terminal income of $4,593,208.18, with $1,211,134.01 going to the state and $229,661.06 going to the village of Lemont.

According to the Illinois Gaming Board, in 2019, Lemont had 23 establishments which have video gaming. The establishments are:

103 Stephen LLC (Corner Stone Tavern), has five terminals
1443-45 Investments, LLC (Tap House Grill) has three terminals
3 Corners, Inc., (3 Corners Grill and Tap) has five terminals
Blackhawk Restaurant Group LLC Series LVS Lemont (Betty’s Bistro), has five terminals
Canal Street Pub, Inc. (Canal Street Pub), has five terminals
Chicago Restaurant Concepts, Inc. (Gelsosomo’s Pizza), has three terminals
FSC Lemont LLC (Next Mex), has five terminals
G & C 2015, Inc. (Paris 21) has five terminals
G7 Oil Corporation (BP Lemont), has four terminals
Illinois Cafe and Service Company, LLC (Dotty’s), has five terminals
JEP Inc. (Hamilton’s Pub), has five terminals
Lemon Tree Casual Dining, Inc., has five terminals
Lemont Carousel, Inc. (Illinois Bar and Grill), has five terminals
MQ2, Inc. (Nick’s Tavern), has two terminals
Otto-Brandt Wines, Inc. (BTB Wines) has five terminals
Petersen Main Inn Corporation, Inc., has five terminals
QBG Lemont, LLC (Quarry Pub and Grill), has five terminals
Sangha Petroleum, Inc. (Shell – Lemont), has five terminals
The Lemont Group, LLC (Hughie’s Irish Pub), has five terminals
The Vault Tavern, LLC, has five terminals
Tom’s Place, Inc., has five terminals
Veterans of Foreign War Dept. of ILL Lemont 22 Honor Post 5819, has five terminals
Zakulhanek, LLC (Bottles), has five terminals

The busiest place for video gaming in Lemont was Betty’s Bistro, 1243 State St., where $6,983,965.42 was “played,” the funds in was $2,205,050, and the net terminal income was $552,509.68.