MANHATTAN, IL — Video gaming has been a much debated topic since the Video Gaming Act was passed in Illinois in 2009. There are thousands of video gaming terminals across the state, and there are 25 terminals in Manhattan alone.

The most recent revenue data from the Illinois Gaming Board is from October. According to the gaming board, from January to October, $17,958,147.27 was the amount “played” or gambled in Manhattan. However, the total amount of funds in, or the money people actually put in the machines, was $6,142,631.

Overall, the terminals had a net terminal income of $1,312,704.93 with $345,275.57 going to the state and $65,635.39 going to the village of Manhattan.

According to the Illinois Gaming Board, in 2019, Manhattan had five establishments which have video gaming. The establishments are:

• Emmy’s Cafe Ltd., has five terminals
• Fritz’s, Ltd., has five terminals
• Me Lads, Ltd., (Gallagher’s Pub) has five terminals
• Mia Entertainment Group, Inc. (Betsy’s) has five terminals
• Roadhouse Restaurant & Pub, Inc., has five terminals

Roadhouse 52 came under new ownership this year, so the gaming board did share the profits of the terminals under the previous ownership as well.

The busiest place for video gaming in Manhattan was Betsy’s, 24600 Route 52, where $5,296,515.58 was “played,” the funds in was $1,973,191, and the net terminal income was $400,499.20.