The Illinois Liquor Control Commission hasn’t issued any violations “on any grand scale” against liquor establishments violating COVID-19 orders. That’s according to the commission’s executive director.

During the commission’s Wednesday meeting, Executive Director Chima Enyia said the commission is connecting with legislators and local officials about complaints of establishments or community members “completely or aggressively” out of compliance with the governor’s COVID-19 prohibitions of indoor service at bars and restaurants.

“They can just send people to our website and file complaints in our conventional way,” Enyia said.

The entire state has had blanket restrictions on the industry for weeks. 

“As we’ve done follow ups, we’ve received a lot of voluntary compliance so we haven’t had to issue any violations on a grand scale,” Enyia said.

The industry has been notified about product returns that will be allowed because of the ongoing prohibition on indoor service.

“With the ongoing mitigation and the Tier 3 mitigation that is set to come on Friday, that would be a good opportunity for entities who did not plan to be shut down further or to be restricted further to give their product back to the distributor, and it was an agree to process,” Enyia said. “That is a win-win for all parties involved.”

Establishments will be able to return products bought between Oct. 1 through Nov. 15 to distributors because of ongoing COVID-19 orders.