The pandemic has been devastating for the hospitality industry. Pandemic-related shutdowns have caused 5,000 Illinois hospitality businesses to close. Illinois needs a comeback and video gaming is an essential aspect of our businesses.


The legislative session is underway. The Support Main Street Illinois ("SMSIL") coalition in conjunction with the ILBA and IGMOA is requesting your help. Please join us by contacting your state legislators today and sign the petition below. Find My Elected Official


We the undersigned urge you to please support local businesses by:


Strongly opposing:

  • - I-gaming and believe it will be detrimental to our already suffering businesses by keeping patrons home instead of visiting their local small bars and restaurants.


Strongly supporting:

  • - Mandating a 50/50 split of all local license fees related to Video Gaming between Licensed Establishments and Terminal Operators.
  • - Stopping local governments from over-regulating and double taxing the video gaming industry. Under the VGA, local governments have no additional responsibility to regulate video gaming and are receiving double-digit increases each year.
  • - The Illinois Gaming Board’s initiatives banning all unregulated gaming including sweepstakes machines, licensing Sales Agents, and streamlining the license renewal process.


Don’t derail the Illinois comeback!


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