Opt-Out Municipalities

SMSIL has received several reports of local authority resistance to the addition of the sixth Video Gaming terminals. We need the support of every Terminal Operator and Licensed Establishment owner to contact their local officials to educate them about the new law and to “sound the alarm” regarding the potential loss of new revenues at risk if the evolutionary changes in the law are impeded or obstructed through their authority. As members and citizens of their communities, Licensed Establishment owners, employees and even customers are our most effective messengers and therefore must be mobilized to act and defeat the effort to reject the historic advancements approved in Springfield.

To assist in this important effort, our most current list of “at risk” municipalities is attached, and beginning immediately, we will maintain, update and post the list on this website. If you have any updates or additions, you may forward them to: management@igmoa.org

Please be sure to check back often for updated information and for “tools and takeaways” to assist you at the municipal level.