Illinois’ mask mandate applies “even outside,” Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Wednesday, noting that residents should still be wearing masks even if they’re just walking down the street.

“Even outside, if you’re outside and walking around and can’t maintain social distance – which by the way, on a typical busy street in the city of Chicago, you can’t maintain social distance without a mask, you just can’t,” Pritzker said. “People walking by each other that you’re coming in close proximity to, someone who, by the way, is facing you and people in front of you who might be aspirating or they might be coughing or, you know, sneezing or whatever – those particles remain in the air. And if you don’t wear a mask, and if they’re not wearing a mask, then there is a much easier ability to transmit the virus.”

Pritkzer noted that the statewide mask mandate doesn’t only apply to public spaces indoors. He added that the outdoor concerns still matter in rural parts of the state, as well.

“It’s very important even in rural areas of Illinois. If you’re going to another area, town, you know, like a business or gathering spot for people in your area and (if) you’re going to be in close proximity with people, then wear a face cover,” he said.