Ground Zero Information



The Support Main Street Illinois Coalition, representing the Illinois video gaming industry, takes very seriously our obligation to provide fun, safe entertainment to support small businesses. During the coronavirus pandemic, we must emphasize safety and public health.

We are in no way free from risk or in the clear!

If we fail to take appropriate precautions and enforce our health guidelines, we risk another shutdown! It is happening right now in other states.

It can happen here!

As our locations open this week ahead of an expected busy Fourth of July holiday weekend, we are troubled by a surge in virus cases in other states that have been reopening their economies. The absolute worst scenario for small businesses that have been shuttered for several months would be to have to shut down again because we have let down our guard against this deadly virus.

We are urging the entire video gaming industry to follow all established health guidelines in their locations and to provide customers with a strong reminder of the need to observe proper precautions against the spread of coronavirus.

Free signage and other information is available for download at, including a new SMSIL Coalition flyer to post at your locations. Please share this with your locations and customers as soon as possible as play picks up over the holiday weekend.

For more resources, visit the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines page:

Let’s ALL do EVERYTHING in our POWER to STAY healthy, PREVENT A SURGE in COVID-19 and a return to Phase 3.