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Please Help us Push Back on the ‘Player Push Tax’

The so-called “Push Tax” could be coming to your community.

Earlier this year, the Illinois House approved a measure – House Bill 521 – prohibiting communities from enacting taxes on video gaming that go above and beyond what is statutorily authorized but the Senate has not acted on the legislation. The bill grandfathers in any communities that have already enacted a Push Tax.

In response to the bill, the Illinois Municipal League has sent out a memo to all of the home rule communities in Illinois with video gaming encouraging them to enact the tax before the Senate votes on the bill. The “Player Push Tax” would assess a penny tax every time a player places a wager regardless of how much the wager is.

Here is an excerpt from the IML letter:
“The Illinois Senate has yet to concur on this proposed legislation, which causes questions about the June 1, 2021, preemption deadline. Municipalities are not specifically precluded from adopting such a tax at this time….IML encourages municipal officials to discuss this potential revenue option with their retained counsel with the understanding that the ability to levy such an amusement tax could be hampered by pending litigation or preempted entirely by future actions on the part of the General Assembly.”


Action Plan:

  • Attend City/Village Board meetings
  • Speak to your local officials personally
  • Call your local city/village board members

Here is a suggested script for calling your alderman/trustee/city councilman:

“The Illinois Municipal League has sent out a letter encouraging home rule communities to enact a Push Tax on video gaming. Since Senate Bill 690 was signed into law in 2019, video gaming has generated more than $336 million for local municipalities.

We are paying our fair share in taxes already. Video gaming is a big part of my local business. We don’t need more taxes especially in light of the year our industry has faced.

Based on revenues and the number of wagers made, the so-called “Penny Push Tax” would significantly raise taxes on video gaming across the board. If communities are permitted to enact their own taxes; it will result in a competitive imbalance that will hurt local my business, drive away my customers and will reduce the value of the industry to the State. Please do not enact this harmful tax.”

Together we can protect our industry from excessive and unnecessary taxation!

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