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Help us Push Back on the ‘Player Push Tax’

Several communities are enacting a ‘Player Push Tax,’ which assess a penny tax every time a player makes a wager on a video gaming machine.

The notion that this outrageous tax is ‘ONLY a PENNY TAX is a fairy tale.

The TRUTH….The local Player Push Tax charges players an additional tax on every play. Illinois has the only players in the world taxed for simply playing. Additionally, this tax will mean a nearly 200 percent increase above what the video gaming industry already pays to local governments.

We need your help!

Local restaurants and bars rely on video gaming to keep their doors open. The “push tax” will hurt players, business, employees and the local community. The “Player Push Tax” will threaten local businesses at a time when businesses are already losing tens of thousands of dollars due to coronavirus shutdowns.

You can help by joining the efforts to stop this tax from being enacted in your community. We need concerned citizens like you to get involved by sending letters and making phone calls.

Support Senate Bill 3489

Senate Bill 3489 would prohibit local governments from assessing additional local taxes on video gaming. It would stop communities from assessing unnecessary taxes that will hurt local businesses and consumers.

You can help pass this important legislation by sending a letter, making a phone call and getting your friends and family members to do the same.

Please visit your specific community page for additional information and support.

Chicago Heights


Oak Lawn

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Help us

Push Back

on the

‘Player Push Tax’