The coronavirus crisis has taken a tremendous toll on businesses across the country as a result of government-mandated shutdowns. The last thing businesses need to deal with right now is a massive tax increase. Yet many tone-deaf communities are increasing taxes on businesses – bars and restaurants – that have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus lock downs. 

 The City of Harvey is considering a “Push Tax” on video gaming. This means every time a player pushes a button to place a bet, a penny tax is assessed. To be clear, this is not just a “penny tax.” It results in a 35-45% increase to current tax levels. This “Player Push Tax” threatens the primary source of revenues for the Illinois Capital Projects Fund, as well as countless small local businesses and it is definitely ill-timed given what has happened to small businesses across the nation.

 The notion that Harvey officials could even consider imposing an additional burden on local businesses seems cruel and unfathomable but not all is lost. You can make a difference. Support Main Street Illinois is pushing legislation aimed at preventing communities from enacting onerous taxes like this, and we need your help to get SB 3489 and HB 5065 enacted into law. Below are ways you can make a difference. We need your help!

Help us Push Back on the ‘Player Push Tax’

Harvey Video Gaming Facts and Data:

  • Number of locations – 18
  • Number of VGT’s – 77
  • Municipality Share 2019 – $120,425.60
  • Municipality Share YTD – $29,185.76
  • Additional Revenue (licensing fees, etc.) – $77,000.00


Senate Bill 3489 would prohibit local governments from assessing additional local taxes on video gaming. It would stop communities from assessing unnecessary taxes that will hurt local businesses and consumers.

You can help pass this important legislation by sending a letter, making a phone call and getting your friends and family members to do the same.


Senate Bill 3489

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House Bill 5065

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Thank you to these Harvey businesses for their support of SB 3489 and HB 5065