SB 690

The Illinois legislature passed this   gaming expansion bill last spring and included several important amendments to the Video Gaming Act.  Key outcomes of this Legislation include:

  • The ability to install up to 6 video gaming terminals (“VGTs”) in a licensed establishment
  • Increased limits on amounts wagered and won on a single play
  • Introduction of in-location bonus jackpots up to $10K
  • The ability to perform remote supervision of RAM clear, installs, swaps, etc.
  • The ability to install up to 10 VGTs at LARGE Truck stops
  • Inclusion of $1 credit denomination
  • A significant yet manageable tax increase phased in over 2 years.

Here is a link to the full bill:

The Illinois Gaming Board has ordered the suspension of all Video Gaming Operations at all licensed video gaming establishments.

Right now, the shutdown is scheduled to last until April 30th, but the situation remains fluid. The IGB will continue to monitor and will advise us of any changes should they occur.

In the meantime, please be safe. We will keep you informed as new information comes in.